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Info for international visitors

Info for international visitorsMost of articles are written in czech language, so for your understanding you can to use added direct link for translate with Microsoft translator, which is located in the end of articles mostly. In the future it is planned to do more language versions for website. Especially english, german or french.

For this moment only a few short information for viewing my photogallery and all content this website.

Photogallery is located in section Gallery, which consists of four categories: Traveling World, Traveling Czech Republic, Landscape and specific gallery Railways. Each category or photo album includes label with english tittle. For example, category "Vysokorychlostni vlaky" in czech and Highspeed trains in english. Up of each photography you can see labels for slideshow, turnback to main gallery menu or special label INFO for more detailed information about choosed photography, for example exif info, date of photography or location with direct link to google maps or another map provider.

In web section Guestbook you can with click on czech text "Pridat komentar" to add comment, request or opinion to this website.

For any your request in terms of this website you can write me a message to mail or contact me through social networks Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

If you planned to visit my website many times, so please use the option to sign up. Registered users have many advantages.

I wish you pleasant and comfort viewing of website and I looking forward for every your comments and opinions


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